A Lighthearted Look At Our Story

Angkor Social Innovation Park (ASIP) is a social enterprise aiming to deliver impact through innovation. We provide sustainable and innovative solutions to enterprises and public institutions through capacity building, design thinking, problem-solving, partnership building, and strategic resource allocation.

ASIP was founded in times of adversity and ambiguity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Local Cambodian SMEs were facing unprecedented challenges. The situation compelled us to establish ASIP to support SMEs in navigating, surviving, and thriving. Innovation is believed to be the key to helping SMEs to become more resilient and competitive. We assist SMEs in seeing problems differently, embracing change, promoting business innovation, and developing solutions.

Words Of Wisdom From Our Advisors

"Innovation is not a matter of choice but a matter of necessity for Cambodia to move forward. We are compelled to build a strong innovation ecosystem."

Dr. Vannarith Chheang, Founder and Chairman of ASIP

"High blood of innovation is freedom, freedom to experience, freedom to fail and try again, freedom to work with anyone, and freedom to think outside the box."

H.E. Mealy Khieu, Advisor of ASIP


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